Upgrade to contao 3x (For Contao CMS) – Tutorial

upgrade contao 3 x

Update Contao 2.x to 3.x success by 7 step. Very simple, i think you success full update Contao to 3.x

How to Upgrade to contao 3x (For Contao CMS)

upgrade contao 3 x
Upgrade (Update) contao 3 x

Step 1: Backup database and code do restore
Move list file to “new folder”:
Step 2: Move old file or delete all file and folder
Note: If you want upgrate NOT delete the folder tl_files and templates because some file do save this folder.
Step 3: Download last version contao form contao.org , extract file and upload to root hosting.
Step 4: Edit file localconfig.php with new account and database.
If you change this url, requied edit file pathconfig.php and set new url.
Old url: youdomain.com/contao1
New url: youdomain.com/website
Step 5: Copy this file backup form “new folder” to Rot
Step 6: Run “Install Tools” by contao do Update your database.
Access this link:
Example: yourdomain.com/contao/install.php
Note: If you not remember password do run Install Tools, Open file localconfig.php and remove this line.
When update can erros, you can turn on debug do view errros, you can add some line to head localconfig.php file.
#$GLOBALS[‘TL_CONFIG’][‘displayErrors’] = true; //Turn on debug
#$GLOBALS[‘TL_CONFIG’][‘coreOnlyMode’] = true; //Run contao with core default.
Step 7: When finish update, Click to Extension Manager and update old extensions.

Finish, wish you success !

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